XS 650 Triple Clamp Non-Riser


Who doesn’t want to look down from their perch, and see a beautifully crafted piece of aluminum, that also has a function? That’s where my Triple clamps come into view. These are a simple, yet great looking and functional addition to any Bike. Add those swap meet clip-ons you picked up last year and you have an instant head turning café with an aggressive stance. Feaqtureing stainless steel hardware for pinch bolts, and a satin finish. Also, underneath there are 2 tapped holes to add aftermarket gauges, or your factory bracket and clocks. Since these are flat across, when compared to the stock units, they WILL lower your front end about and inch. To some its not a big deal, But its also something to be aware of. It will sharpen up your steering, but you will also lose a little ground clearance at the frame center. Less than a half inch. Now that you know the facts, pick one up!

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