When I told my buddies at my old job that I wanted to buy a motorcycle, I heard it all! Everything from ‘You should get a (insert “ plastic covered rocket” here) and I love my( insert “poor handling Cruiser” here ). And don’t forget my favorite…Get a (insert “overweight touring bike, American made of course” here). You get the idea.

While all of these suggestions are great bikes in their own right, they weren’t me. I had no idea what ME, was yet. When it came to motorcycling, I did know who I was. I was a creative, free thinking craftsman, who loved to tinker with things. I was always looking to improve on something.

So, to the dismay of my buddies, and my wife, I bought a mid-70’s POS. But not any POS, a bike that I could call mine, and eventually build into an original. I started with a clean slate to work with. A “1974 Suzuki GT550”, two stroke. The sound and smell, had me hooked. The looks, not so much. But that’s where I learned how, and what these old bike need sometimes.

Some Tender…. Loving…. Bad Ass billet Aluminum goodies, to set it apart from the rest of the plastic covered, overweight, and peg scraping motorcycle world!!